Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Kenes Group, we are committed to integrating responsible business practices into all our activities, not just with words and statements, but also with action and deeds. With our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, we aim to positively impact the workplace, the marketplace, the environment and the community.

" In 2001 when Kenes Group moved to Airport City, we chose to give back to the local community. Ever since we have taken under our wing on an After-School Club for children aged 8-12. We wanted to give them the opportunity to flourish by learning and playing with Kenes Group employees, not just in giving them the physical equipment that they needed. "

Giving Back

Dare to Care is an on-going Kenes Group campaign which embodies our CSR spirit and commitment. It includes a number of charitable activities and events throughout the year. We are very proud of this volunteer programme involving every second employee in a community or a charitable project.

Part of the Kenes vision is our commitment to serve the community and contribute to a better world. We support charitable projects with organisations, as Doctors Without Borders, in achieving their goals and causes.

Some of the Dare to Care regular initiatives are:

  • Kenes Giving Club – an internal programme that recognises volunteer leadership and involvement, and honours the Volunteer of the Year at an annual company event
  • Pick & Pack event – employees spend a full day harvesting and packing local produce to donate to families in need
  • Kenes Good Deeds Day – Kenes Group volunteers collect, pack and deliver gift baskets prior to all major holidays for the people in recovery in a local rehabilitation centre
  • After School Club – an afternoon children’s club (for 8-12-year-olds) that gathers monthly with Kenes volunteers that assist the children by engaging them in different activities

Here is one of the latest testimonials from Autoimmunity Congress 2018, where all leftover food was donated with the help of the event venue Lisbon Congress Center:

Going Green

Organising green congresses worldwide is a challenge since ‘green’ not only refers to on-site conduct, but also to suppliers, raw material sources, production methods, waste management, shipping versus using local products, and fair labour standards.

To lead by example, Kenes has adopted Going Green as its lead initiative – a culture for sustainable conferences management and operations of own offices worldwide. We encourage our clients, suppliers and delegates, to be more aware and to think and act in an environmentally-friendly way together with us.

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