“Kenes Group: problem-free, heartfelt and successful.”

An interview with Turkish Biochemical Society Immediate Past-President, Prof. Nazmi Özer

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Prof. Nazmi Özer, the immediate Past-President of the Turkish Biochemical Society, to find out a little more about this important local organisation and their working closely with Kenes Turkey for over a decade.

" Kenes M+ is well organised, competent, honest, earnest and transparent. "

Q. The society has been around for many years. Can you tell me more about its history?

The Society was founded in Ankara in 1975, then under the leadership of Prof. Şerafettin Özkurt. From 1990-2000, Prof. Özer was the Secretary General and later, President of the Society, from 2002-2015. Today, we are one of the leading national associations with over 2,000 members and branch offices in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana. The Society represents graduate students and professionals in both basic and applied biochemistry (i.e., clinical chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, molecular medicine, and bioinformatics) and we also welcome non-resident scientists as honorary members, as long as they are Turkish citizens.

Q. What is the Society’s central role?

We are the umbrella organisation for establishing and supporting professional contacts and information exchange in the fields of basic and applied biochemistry, mainly by organising activities and events. In addition to initiating collaboration between professionals in the field, we aim to advance biochemistry research and to improve undergraduate/postgraduate education. The Society strongly supports enhancing patient care through training on competence, quality and accreditation of Turkey’s medical laboratories, towards improving standards and service. We also work closely with the Turkish Ministry of Health and other non-governmental institutions, assisting with policy development and related health issues.

Q. As a returning Kenes M+ client, what are the 3 most important things that you, as a society, have come to depend on from a PCO?

Competency, sincerity and transparency. Simply put, we are two entities that know each other very well and work well in harmony. My one wish is that this partnership continues well into the future.

Q. What, in your opinion, makes Kenes unique?

Being well organised, competent, honest, earnest and transparent.

Q. Tell me about the most memorable congresses during your partnership with Kenes M+?

Together, we organised the 31st Federation of European Biochemical Societies Congress (FEBS 2006), Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation Congress in Antalya (BCLF 2007), International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine WorldLab (IFCC 2014) in Istanbul, and for the last decade, each of our Society’s national annual congresses. We are now working on the 41st FEBS congress in Kuşadası (Turkey) 2016, on this year’s national congress and we collaborate on many society workshops.

Q. How do you envision future congresses and Kenes’ role in organising your events?

The Society has become very successful with the support of our young colleagues and through the organisation of our congresses. We have achieved this by working with Kenes M+, as we plan and carry out every step – together. Kenes M+ is not just a PCO for us – we see Kenes M+ as a true partner.

Q. If you had to describe working with the Kenes M+ team in 3 words – what would they be?

Problem-free, heartfelt and successful.